All about Luminarc Drinkware Collection

All about Luminarc Drinkware Collection

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At Luminarc, we believe a nice drinkware set should be a component of every kitchen’s arsenal. More appealing glassware such as coupes, flutes, and wine glasses get all the glory. However, all you might need for your water or homemade juice is a simple water glass. Everything tastes better when it is served out of a beautiful glass.

Nice glassware is not only great for displaying on your shelves and see-through kitchen cabinets but will also add a distinctive touch of creativity to your décor while serving all its essential utility purposes.  Unlike other home upgrades, drinkware is relatively affordable and can transform your dining experience.  

What are the best drinkware sets in UAE to buy in 2021?

Whether you are in the market for drinking glasses for your juice direct from the juicer or water, Luminarc has you covered. Luminarc offers an exciting collection of drinkware exclusively designed for the admirer of sophisticated design and artistry.

Our glasses, tumblers, and jugs collection have just the right design. Nothing too fancy nor too dull, simply perfect for those everyone appreciates and admires the little wonders of life. All our drinkware sets are made from purity-certified glass and are dishwasher safe. Sleek and stylish, the prices for our drinkware sets are VAT inclusive, giving you unbeatable value for your money.

Here the eight best drinkware sets in the UAE by Luminarc in 2021:

Luminarc 1 Piece Tivoli Jug with Lid - 1.6L
Price: AED. 29.00

At 1.6 liters, the Tivoli Jug gives you sufficient storage for all your needs. The transparent Tivoli Jug boasts a stylish design that enhances the look of your dining table or kitchen cupboard. It comes complete, plus a glass lid to ensure spillage.

Luminarc 1 Piece Quadro Jug with Lid - 1.3L
Price: AED. 29.00

Bold, stylish, and efficient, the Quadro Jug perfectly blends into any contemporary environment with its unique yet attractive design that makes it irresistible. This is not your standard jug, and it will make a great addition to your kitchen cabinet.

Luminarc 6 Pieces Plain Octime Diamond Lowball Water & Juices Glass Set
Price: AED. 39.00

Transform your dining experience with this lowball water and juice glassware set. The Octime Diamond is a pure work of art that arouses your senses. Enjoy the touch and feel of the curves on this fantastic glass as your eyes embrace its fine detailing.  The Octime Diamond set allows you to immerse completely into the mood of the moment and celebrate life.

Luminarc Rainbow Diamond – 7 Pieces Drink Set
Price: AED. 44.00

An all-in-one set that gets you one jug and six tumblers is an irresistible proposition. What’s more? The Rainbow Diamond set allows you to add vibrant colors to your kitchen. Each tumbler in this set has its own different color, and the Jug has a rainbow color combination of the different colors on the tumblers. It’s about time to brighten up your kitchen.

Luminarc 1 Piece Kone Jug with Lid - 1.3L
Price: AED. 29.00

For the appreciator of sophisticated design and artistry, the Kone Jug is crafted just for you. Designed in a transparent glass body, the Kone Jug comes with a compact yet thoughtful design that makes it easier to store, keep and carry the jug. The Kone Jug will not only add a distinctive touch of creativity to your décor but will also serve all its basic utility purposes.

Luminarc 6 Pieces Plain Vigne Lowball Water & Juices Glass Set
Price: AED. 38.00

The Vigne glass set from Luminarc keeps a simplistic yet stylish design. This minimalistic set offers the right amount of design, nothing too fancy nor too dull. This glassware set is perfect for everyone who appreciates and admires the little wonders of life.

Luminarc 6 Pieces Plain Tuff Lowball Water & Juices Glass Set
Price: AED. 32.00 AED

Luminarc allows you to upgrade the aesthetics of your drinkware sets with the Plain Tuff tumblers. Design to give a better grip, the arches on this glassware set will amplify the looks of your living room table already.

Luminarc 6 Pieces Plain Sterling Highball Water & Juices Glass set
AED. 38.00

The Plain Sterling Highball glassware set lets you enjoy a refreshing glass of juice while unclearing your thoughts. 

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Jennifer on Apr 20, '23

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