How to Make the Best Healthy Juices and Smoothies - 9 Easy Recipes

How to Make the Best Healthy Juices and Smoothies - 9 Easy Recipes

Fahad ShariffJun 14, '216 comments

Smoothies and juices are a great way to start your day, especially during hot summers. Fresh and nutritious ingredients make it a refreshing treat for both your mind and your body. They can also help you lose excess body weight without skipping meals, because the enzymes present in most fruits can help dissolve body fat and clear up any congestions in your circulatory system.

Here, we have 9 incredibly easy and health juice and smoothie recipes for you to enjoy!

1) Apple and Carrot juice with Ginger:

This incredibly refreshing juice has the perfect blend of Apples and Carrots, with just the right amount of Ginger to help with digestion. It is an excellent choice if you want a healthy, detoxifying juice to help you kick-start your day. You can serve this juice in tumblers from Luminarc’s Drink sets, which have a variety of premium drinking glasses.

What you will get: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Minerals, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium & Potassium.

2) Vitamin-rich Glow Getter Green Juice:



Green juices have a plethora of health benefits, like improved digestion, reduced inflammation, healthy weight loss and boosted immunity. They are also rich in antioxidants, which means they are great for your skin too! This easy green juice recipe is sure to give you leave you feeling reinvigorated, and everything you need to serve it can be found in Luminarc’s Drink sets collection.

What you will get: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K & Iron 

3) Energy Booster Juice:

This juice is a delicious blend of Grapefruits, Kale and Satsumas and is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant which can help you achieve clear and healthy skin, while Vitamin C will help strengthen your immune system. This citrus blend is best served cold, and you can find tumblers that look as good as this juice tastes in Luminarc’s Drink sets collection.

4) Watermelon Smoothie:

This Watermelon juice is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K, in addition to Calcium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. Served with a splash of Lime juice in Luminarc’s decorative glass tumblers, this smoothie is guaranteed to be your kids’ new favorite drink.

5) Apricot Smoothie:

Apricots are highly nutritious and low in calories. They also contain powerful antioxidants which improve skin health and gut health. You can serve this healthy drink in an elegant tumbler from Luminarc’s decorative glass tumblers. 

6) Pineapple Smoothie:

Pineapples contain disease-fighting antioxidants which can ease digestion and even ease the symptoms of arthritis. It also treats colds and coughs, and strengthens bones and teeth. Durable tumblers to serve this nutrient-rich drink can be found in Luminarc’s decorative glass tumblers. 

7) Avocado Smoothie:

Did you know that just one Avocado can provide 20% of the Vitamin E and 34% of the daily Vitamin C that your skin needs to stay firm, supple and hydrated? This superfood deserves equally superb tumblers, don’t you think? 

8) Beetroot Smoothie:

Beetroot is low in fat, rich in Vitamin C, contains powerful antioxidants and helps your body to effectively absorb Iron. It can also help regulate your blood pressure. Take a look at Luminarc’s durable and dishwasher safe tumblers in the Luminarc’s Drink sets Collection.

9) Green Smoothie:

The insoluble fiber in green smoothies helps your digestive system process foods better, and increases bone strength while lowering cholesterol levels.

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