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Luminarc Kids Dinnerware Collection

Fahad ShariffJun 9, '212 comments

The Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection has three themes of dinnerware, designed specifically for kids! These sets include a plate, a bowl, a lunch box, a tumbler and a cup, so you can provide you child with premium quality, durable dinnerware that is also visually appealing to them.

Free from toxins:

All the components of Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection are made of non-toxic and lead-free glass, which is light and easy to clean. Also, unlike clay or ceramics, dinnerware made of glass is far less likely to leach onto elements such as lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, making glass dinnerware the safest option for your kids.


Luminarc’s Kids Dinner Sets are made of shock resistant glass, which is manufactured using a special melting technology. Luminarc then uses an additional hardening process, known as tempering, which ensures that the products are both mechanically resistant and thermo-resistant. The tempered dinnerware can withstand temperatures of up to 135 degrees Celsius, which means that the Kids Dinnerware Collection is microwave safe.

Dishwasher safe:

Luminarc uses an innovative Zenix glass, which is dishwasher safe. The dinnerware is also washed on recurring and long cycles in the dishwasher to ensure that the paint coating and vinyl designs are also durable enough to be used on a regular basis. These laboratory tests are conducted under extremely stringent regulations, so the Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection will likely last for a lot longer in a regular use setting, with only minimal maintenance required.

Germ resistant:

Since most of Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection is made of glass, they have no pores in which microorganisms can be retained. This entirely excludes the possibility of harboring bacteria within the dinnerware. Some products may also contain porcelain, which is a low-porosity ceramic-based material. It has a porosity of only around 1 to 2% and so, it is also extremely resistant to attacks from germs and microbes.


It is no secret that kids are far more likely to drop or break their dinnerware, so why not invest in dinnerware that is virtually unbreakable? Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection is made entirely from shatter-resistant tempered glass, which is highly durable, even when kids use it.

Guaranteed Freshness:

Tempered glass also ensures that Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection will keep your kids’ food warm and fresh a lot longer than typical traditional dinnerware. This will guarantee that your kids enjoy fresh food, which they will actually be excited to eat. The lunchbox has a high-quality lid that will keep food from spilling. The transparent body of the lunchbox also makes it easy to identify what food is inside the box, without having to open it.

Environmentally Friendly:

Tempered glass is 100% recyclable and BPA free. It also does not contain dioxins, melamine or phthalates, which makes it as good for the environment as it is for your kids.

Attractive Designs:

The Kids Dinnerware Collection comes in three attractive themes –

  1. Luminarc Stationery Set
  2. The Vitamin Power Set
  3. The Vroom Vroom Set

You can shop Luminarc’s Kids Dinnerware Collection from with free shipment to Dubai, Sharjah & all over UAE.

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Shonda Johnson on Jan 7, '23

Hello, I’m leaving this message to inform Luminarc that I and my son were eating food from one of your bowls and glass was found in the food. I checked the bowl and around the rim glass was missing. Today is 1-7-2023. Thank you. Shonda

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