The Best Food Storage Containers & Jars for your Kitchen

The Best Food Storage Containers & Jars for your Kitchen

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Organizing one’s pantry or refrigerator isn’t always the most fun activity and is often quite time consuming. With meal-prepping trending and a collective desire to become more ecologically friendly, there is a prevailing need for reusable food storage items that are easy to use and won’t make your kitchen look even more cluttered. It is also absolutely essential with some products to store them in glass in order to ward off annoying summer pests that sometimes sneak into the cabinets.

Luminarc’s awesome storage jars and containers can not only simplify anyone’s food organizing and meal-prepping but also make it an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Each of these products serve a unique purpose and even add some style and personality to the kitchen. In addition, all Luminarc products are sturdy, resistant, durable, and even thermo-resistant. This means that the glass containers can be transferred from the refrigerator right into the microwave and vice-versa without having to worry about them shattering! They are also all very suitable and safe to use in the dishwasher. The options and reliability of products in this brand are not to disappoint.

Luminarc Storage Jars

Luminarc Purebox Active Food Storage ContainerLuminarc Purebox Active Food Storage Container

Luminarc Food Storage Jars 

The Luminarc Food Storage Jars come in the sizes smallmedium, and large for different needs. They come with a knobbed lid for easy access. There is also the option of selecting the Luminarc Plain & Decorative Let’s Cook Jars, which has an adorable “Let’s Cook” design on it and a wide-mouthed shape, making it stand out from the traditional design. These jars are perfect for those who have been looking for a better way to store packaged products such as cookies, candies, coffee, and more!

Luminarc Plain Jars - 1 Piece
1 L Glass Jar - 0.75 L Glass Jar - 0.5 L Glass Jar
30 Aed - 26 Aed - 25 Aed

Luminarc 3pcs Decorative Lets Cook Jar
(large, Medium & Small size jars)
Just in 42 Aed

Luminarc Food Storage Container - Purebox Active

The Purebox Active storage containers by Luminarc are the airtight glassware that everyone needs in their home. Like the jars, they come in the sizes small, medium and large. They can also be bought in different shapes such as round, rectangular and square! Anything that can be thought of can be stored in these, even soups and other liquids as the containers are 100% leak proof. These are perfect for anyone, especially those who need some kind of storage gadgets but aren’t sure where to start. 

Available in different shapes & sizes - Buy Now

Available in different shapes & sizes
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Luminarc Food Storage Container - Keep N Box

The Luminarc Keep N boxes are great for taking food on-the-go or even just for storage. Though not airtight like the previously mentioned product, they do come in the same shapes and sizes and even have simple and easy lids to use that come in a variety of different colors! These are great for storing fruits and veggies or even just bringing snacks along to work.

These top Luminarc products are perfect for any kind of need and any type of person, regardless of how much time is spent in the kitchen. Even those who don’t think that they need more kitchen storage will be pleased with the benefits of the Luminarc jars and food containers

Available in different shapes & sizes
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