Which Is Better for the Environment? Glass or Plastic?

Which Is Better for the Environment? Glass or Plastic?

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Many people use plastic because it is affordable and easily accessible. Its melting point is lower than glass, thus, requiring less production energy. However, issues of having plastics in the waterways and the toxic byproducts have a negative impact on the environment. Due to this, glass is gaining popularity in terms of being environmentally friendly. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rated the glass products as GRS (Generally Recognized as Safe). 

Unlike plastic products, glass does not have a chemical interaction with food and beverages. The good thing about glass is that you can recycle them for a long period than plastic. In other words, glass products are better for the environment. 

Why Are Glass Products Environmentally Friendly?

  • Glass Products Are 100% Recyclable

Imagine recycling a product more than two times without losing its quality and purity? It can save you a lot of money. Glass is made of natural materials, making it 100% recyclable. This means that you can use it for a long time without breaking or losing its quality. 

Because the kitchen is the center of food and beverage production, it is good to install environmentally-friendly equipment such as the Luminarc tableware collection. Luminarc is a brand that manufactures items made of glass. These products are durable and can be recycled severally. Because glass requires a lot of sand, limestone, and soda ash, which can affect the ecosystem, many manufacturers use glasses to make new ones. With this, fewer materials will be required during the production.

  • Glass Does Not Produce Harmful Chemicals to the Soil

Glass is heavy than plastic and can break easily. However, it remains safe and does not produce harmful chemicals that can affect the soil. So, even if the glass is not recycled, it won’t harm the environment.

  • Glass Does Not Produce Any Toxic Substance

Glass is 100% natural. In other words, there are no unsafe products used during the manufacturing process. That’s why it does not absorb any smell or flavor nor produce any toxic chemicals into the food. Due to the increased number of glass products, you might be wondering which glass brand is safe and hygienic. 

Luminarc glass and Luminarc dinner set can be your option if you want something that does not react with food or cause harm when used in microwaves.  

How Does Plastic Harm The Environment?

People use plastic to store food or carry items. But they forget the dangers it can cause to the environment. From affecting the soil, blocking the rivers and streams, to choking animals, plastics cause problems to nature. The biggest concern about plastic is the harm they cause to the soils. 

Plastics are made of chemicals. Thus, when exposed to sunlight, they release toxic substances that cause air and soil pollution. Apart from this, plastic can harm marine life. When thrown into the water, it can release chemicals, thus harming animals’ life. 

Why Should You Consider Luminarc Glassware Products?

Luminarc glassware products go through a quality qualification laboratory to ensure that they are safe for food and beverages. This brand produces a wide range of glassware that is hygienic, heat resistant, and durable. 

Here are three advantages of using Luminarc products

  • Thermos-Resistant

All the Luminarc tableware collections go through tempering, a thermal treatment designed to guarantee thermal resistance and a better mechanism. Thus, they can withstand shock and a temperature of 135 degrees. Because of this, you can microwave food a Luminarc glass.  

  • Luminarc Withstand Dishwasher Use

Luminarc products are sturdy and durable. Their materials are designed to cope with harsh attacks from the dishwasher on a daily basis.

  • Luminarc Products Are 100% Hygienic

If you are looking for tableware that does not release chemicals into your food or drink, Luminarc glass and Luminarc dinnerset should be your option. They are made of glass, a non-porous material that does not retain microorganisms that causes bacteria contamination. 

Luminarc Collection

Luminarc dinnerset are becoming popular because of their quality. Thus, if you are looking for economical dishes for everyday use, Luminarc products are good solutions. The good thing about the Luminarc brand is that it makes dishes from different materials and designs.

Here is a collection of Luminarc products to store on your kitchen shelves.


  • Luminarc 24pcs Decorative Simply Burrel Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 24pcs Decorative Essence Jennifer Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 24pcs Decorative Simply Joani Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 24pcs White Diwali Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 24pcs Decorative Simply Klos Green Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 24pcs White Feston Dinnerset
  • Luminarc 16 pcs Decorative Essence Amelia Dinnerset

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Luminarc Tumblers/Glasses

Luminarc Crockery & Dinnerware Sets are affordable and easy to find. They come in a modern and classic design to make your kitchen décor look beautiful. The good thing about Luminarc Tableware is that they are environmentally friendly. Apart from the dinner sets and tumblers, Luminarc has a variety of jugs, mugs & cups, food containers, and jars.

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