Why Luminarc is best dinnerware brand in the world

Why Luminarc is best dinnerware brand in the world

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Since its launch in 1948 by the Arc Group, Luminarc has offered a wide variety of practical yet original dinnerware collections that continue to brighten up daily dining experiences.  To maintain this consistency, all Luminarc products are subjected to thorough checks that simulate daily use of dishes at home for quality assurance purposes.

The strict and controlled production process ensures that the highest standards are met and exceeded. The result is sturdy and durable dinnerware sets for all ages. 

Luminarc’s dinner sets combine different styles, patterns and colors. Some of our design concepts include floral, graphical, modern and classic designs to give the aesthetically appealing tableware.

By choosing Luminarc, you get to enjoy the unique technical features of our practical products at an affordable price. Luminarc remains dedicated in ensuring your satisfaction when using our functional, contemporary and affordable dinnerware sets in your day to day basis.

All Luminarc tableware products are heat and shock resistant. Our products are manufactured using high quality shock resistant glass that is made through special melting technologies. Luminarc dinnerware sets can withstand temperatures of up to 135 ° С. To achieve this, the dishes are subjected to a hardening process known as ‘tempered’ during the manufacturing process to increase their mechanical and thermal resistance. This feature of the Luminarc tableware collection makes them safe for use in the microwave oven, even for food that has just been removed from the refrigerator.

At Luminarc, the production of each unit meticulously take into consideration how each set will be used by our customers. This enables us to choose the material and processing procedure for each item depending on the expected thermal load the item will be exposed to. For instance, while our microwave dishes are produced using a simple tempered glass, borosilicate glass is used for oven items while open fire dishes are made using glass ceramics.

Luminarc products are dishwasher safe. All dinnerware items are tested by Arc, to ensure that both the pattern on the dishes and the shine on the glass products can adequately tolerate the adverse effects that Tableware items are usually exposed to when in a dishwasher. Our lab tests are more rigorous compared to the average normal use for the sole purpose of testing the resistance of Luminarc products to the dishwasher’s environment. In fact our tests do not factor in food remnants on the surface of the dishes as in a usual dishwasher setting. Food particle remains of the dishes actually protect the pattern on the dishes from the most aggressive detergents in a dishwasher. That this is not modeled during our laboratory tests is proof that the endurance and paint resistance of Luminarc dinnerware is higher than what is stated.

Our dinnerware products are safe and hygienic.  Most of the Luminarc tableware is made of glass, a product that has no pores in all its forms, transparent, colored, and matte, etc. With no places to retain microorganism, Luminarc glassware eliminates the possibility of bacterial emergence making it 100% hygienic and safe. Even the Luminarc porcelain products are made from the least porous ceramic material, about porosity 1%-2%, making it the ideal dinnerware for children.

Luminarc gives you a variety of set in their dinnerware eshop collection to choose from. You can buy the Dinner Sets and other Crockery items directly from Luminarc eshop which is available only for UAE at the moment.

You can choose 
dinnerware sets ranging from 5pieces, 16 pieces, 24 pieces and 45 pieces per set as well along with other crockery items like drink set, mugs, cups, food storage items and jars.

Available in a range of colors, our sets come in a choice of several designs such as floral, graphical, modern and classic. By choosing Luminarc, you are sure that you’ve chose the right dinnerware sets to help you make all the difference when it comes to preparing the perfect meal.

Luminarc Online Crockery & Dinner sets Collection for UAE

Check below for different designs & shape of Luminarc Dinnerware Collection.


  • 5 pieces Dinnerware Set Collection

LumiJunior - Kids Collection

LumiJunior Stationery Set - 5pcs
49 Aed
with Shipment all over UAE


LumiJunior Vitamin Power Set - 5pcs
49 Aed
with Shipment all over UAE

  • 16 & 24 pieces Dinnerware Set Collection
Luminarc Simply Burrel Dinnerset
Available in 16pcs & 24pcs
Luminarc SimplyKlos Green Dinnerset
Available in 16pcs & 24pcs
Luminarc  Simply Joani Dinnerset
Available in 16pcs &  24pcs
Luminarc Essence Amelia Dinnerset
Available in 16pcs & 24pcs
Luminarc Essence Jennifer Dinnerset
Available in 16pcs & 24pcs

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