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All about Luminarc Drinkware Collection

Jun 9, '21

At Luminarc, we believe a nice drinkware set should be a component of every kitchen’s arsenal. More appealing glassware such as coupes, flutes, and wine glasses get all the glory. However, all you might need for your water or homemade juice is a simple water glass. Everything tastes better when...

Which Is Better for the Environment? Glass or Plastic?

Jun 9, '21

Many people use plastic because it is affordable and easily accessible. Its melting point is lower than glass, thus, requiring less production energy. However, issues of having plastics in the waterways and the toxic byproducts have a negative impact on the environment. Due to this, glass is gaining popularity in...

The Best Food Storage Containers & Jars for your Kitchen

Jun 9, '21

Organizing one’s pantry or refrigerator isn’t always the most fun activity and is often quite time consuming. With meal-prepping trending and a collective desire to become more ecologically friendly, there is a prevailing need for reusable food storage items that are easy to use and won’t make your kitchen look...