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Luminarc is a French friendly tableware and home decoration brand that is accessible to everyone, all around the world. Luminarc was launched in 1948 by Arc International Group.

Luminarc offers a wide variety of collection for all ages and all desires that contribute to your daily life like Dinnersets, Tumblers, Jugs, Mugs, Bowls, Food Container, Jars and Serving dishes. The brand combines different styles, patterns and colors in ultra-resistant and trendy tableware. Aesthetic, fun and practical products at affordable prices. Present in 160 countries, Luminarc is Arc’s leading brand, offering a wide variety of products.

All Luminarc products are dishwasher safe, all dinnerware lines, tempered storage lines, salad bowls and hot drinks lines are shock-resistant and microwave safe.

Now Luminarc Middle East presents the perfect e-commerce platform with Simple, Stylish & Smart Tableware Collection and you can explore and order online a wide range of Luminarc Tableware Collection, which includes

  • Plain White Dinnersets
  • Decorative Dinnersets
  • Plain Tumblers
  • Decorative Tumblers
  • Plain Mugs
  • Decorative Mugs
  • Jugs
  • Ice Cream Cups
  • Storage Jar
  • Decorative Storage Jar
  • Food Containers
  • Decorative Bowls
  • Serving Dish & other tableware essentials.
    *Luminarc Eshop is currently available for UAE only

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